Temple Chayai Shalom members are very active in our temple and extended communities. We pride ourselves on being a caring community that reaches out to one another during times of joy as well as times of need.

Mitzvah Meals
As a congregational family, we can lighten the burden of others through simple acts of kindness. We do this by providing meals to those who could use some support during times of illness or other circumstances. The Mitzvah Meals Committee, of approximately 28 members, provided about 40 meals last year.

To become a part of this caring group, simply sign up to be on the committee and when we have a member in need, you will receive an email alerting you to the need within our temple community. You may then sign up to deliver a meal – home cooked or fresh from the store.

Mitzvah Meals is a great way to help out and become involved in temple life without the commitment of regular meetings. If you are experiencing the stresses of medical needs or other significant events, please contact Rabbi Ken to let him offer you emotional and spiritual support as well as to alert us of your needs.

Shiv’ah Meals
Sisterhood provides a catered Shabbat meal the week after Shiv’ah ends for a temple family who has lost a loved one in their immediate family. The Rabbi notifies the coordinator who will contact the family to determine the best time for the meal to be delivered.