Our Educational Model

TCS’s innovative educational model called “SULAM” was first implemented in the fall of 2011. SULAM is the Hebrew word for “ladder” and we chose it as an acronym for: Source for Understanding, Learning, And Meaning.
SULAM came into being after a long process of studying the community’s needs, learning about various educational models, and imagining possibilities.

The final model was chosen to:
     • Maximize student engagement in the content learned
     • Allow for experiential learning (learning through doing)
     • Strengthen the school community
     • Connect with the temple and wider community
     • Create flexibility for scheduling of Hebrew classes on weekdays, to ease the burden on already over-extended families.

A Proverb suggests:

Educate a child according to their way; so even when they are old, they will not depart from it. (Proverbs, 22:6)

We believe that children access Judaism in a variety of ways, and have individual learning styles. We strive to meet each child where they are, and Jewishly educate them according to their own way. We accomplish this through regular communication with families, offering a variety of materials and lesson styles during both Judaic and Hebrew learning sessions, and building close relationships between staff, children, and families. We offer support for students with special needs and modify learning expectations when needed.

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SULAM Judaic Learning
Hebrew Instruction
Community Learning
Special Needs
Early Childhood

Early Childhood

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