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Welcome to Temple Chayai Shalom

What can Temple Chayai Shalom do for you?

No matter where you are on your Jewish path, there is something for you at TCS!

  • Find spiritual fulfillment at one of our many themed, and always musical, services.
  • Discover community among our diverse membership with activities for all ages.
  • Learn about the many exciting and innovative educational opportunities for children and adults.

You’re invited to join our pluralistic and welcoming community where everyone is empowered to seek God through meaningful interactions, enriching programming, and Jewish practice. Let TCS be an extension of your living room, help determine your personal Jewish path, and be your second family.
Welcome Home

What's Happening at TCS

 Please join us....

Friday, May 1st at 6:30 pm
Tot Shabbat Service
led by Kindergarten/Grade 1 Students

Friday, May 1st at 7:30 pm
Shabbat Service

We welcome the gift of Shabbat at 7:30 pm. This uplifting service blends traditional and modern melodies with beautiful guitar accompaniment. A D’var Torah (sermon), offered by the service leader, makes ancient lessons relevant to the modern Jew. Following services, we gather together to socialize with a joyous kiddush (blessing over grape juice or wine), motzi (blessing over challah bread), and oneg Shabbat (refreshments).

Torah Talk with Rabbi Eric • Moses: Scandal in the Wilderness
Sunday, May 3rd ~ 9:00 am Richardson/Olmsted School
The Torah text raises several questions about the life of Moses that are left largely unanswered. He was the leader of the Israelites but was he a child of the covenant? Did Moses get a divorce? Did Moses have more than one child? As we peel back the layers of Moses' life, we may also learn more about ourselves and our ancestral past.

Snow Day in May
The House Committee budgeted $4,500 for snow
– but snow removal cost $9,000!
Please help raise $4,500 by May 31st
so we can finally remove this season’s snow!

Donate today by:
•Writing a check made out to Temple Chayai Shalom
•Emailing finance@templechayaishalom.org
if you
 have a credit card on file with the synagogue.
 (Just include the amount you’d like to contribute.)

•Or using one of the paypal links below:

Select a donation amount

OR enter your own donation amount below.

Thank you for helping us clear away this season’s 100 inches of snow and making sure our community is ready for spring!

Innovative Learning at
Temple Chayai Shalom


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