The temple is available to visit by appointment only.
Everyone is required to wear a mask while inside the temple.

Temple Chayai Shalom Daily Building Entrance Log and Health Attestation
Thank you for visiting TCS, and for filling out this form EACH and EVERY time you enter the building. This will help us have a complete picture of when the building is occupied, and will enable us to do contact tracing in the unfortunate event of a COVID-19 reporting. For groups (even if in the same family), please fill out a form for each person coming into the building.
Please follow these steps:

1. Contact the staff member you want to meet
    with to set up a date and time.
    using one of these methods:

♦Scan QR code with your phone to get the 
♦Click here to complete the form online
♦Fill out a paper form in the temple foyer
(Please use your own pen if possible. If not, please place the used pen in the tray after use. Filled out forms to be placed in the tray provided.)

3. Use the buzzer to be let inside;
    do not use your fob or code.

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